Sheet metal sample

Stainless cover boxStainless cover box

Big products about 5 metersBig products about 5 meters

Frame is made by aluminium Sheet metal for weight savingFrame is made of aluminium sheet for weight saving

2 meters cover for production machine2 meters cover for machine tool

Small model from only a sheet of metal Small helicopter made by 30+ times bending

2 meters frame coated by powder coating2 meters frame coated by powder paint

Oil pan welded without warp and water leakageOil pan welded without strain and water leakage

R2400 bending cover, thickness is 0.8mmR2400 bending cover, thickness is 0.8mm

Beautiful welding without warp by fiber laser welding robotBeautiful welding without strain by fiber laser welding robot

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Sheet metal

SHEEMETZ produces Sheet metal products from steel, stainless, alminium, and any other non-steel metal. We can make products from design process to coating and assembly processes. Our production is supported by our original quality control system and it enables us to be high mix-low volume productions. That's why we monthly produce more than 100 thousands items and 20 thousands kinds of products. Our core technology is fusion of forefront technology and skills of craftsman. We can make high quality products that other companies can't make. Especially we are good at production of thin Sheet metal products such as thickness from 0.5mm to 6mm. In this range, we can produce any kind of products such as quite small products for machine bracket and cover or frame for semiconductor production machine which is even bigger than 2m. Furthermore, we can make prototype of various products from your design or just easy drawing.
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