In this process mainly we receive customer's order, issue bill for customers, arrange drawing, and receive calling.
We can quickly respond to customer's request because we always monitor detailed processing information in the office on real time thanks to our original quality control system "SopaK".



We make drawing on computers by CAD/CAM based on drawing from customers to let various machine in our factory be able to operate. We separate one model to some components to let machine operate and make development view for employees in the factory.Furthurmore we make design of products depending on customer's request.



According to drawing, machine cut Sheet metal to the shape of each components. We have 24hours automated punching system "HMX + MARS", which is single punching machine with storage of die and storage of materials. And there are two laser&punching combination machine.

Former BEND


In former Bend process, we reduce burr of each product or do screw cutting on products. So we use burring machine and drilling machine to process it. Burr may become cause of injured so we carefully get rid of it.



Bending components and make it three dimentional shape. To bend, we use press bending machine, network bending machine and roller. SHEEMETZ can produce quite precise bending products. Even if we bend Sheet metal longer than 2m more than 8times,its accuracy is within 0.1mm.



This is welding process. Welding enable us to produce complex products and it's impossible to produce some products with only bending. In SHEEMETZ, we have handy welding machine such as Semi-auto welding machine, Argon welding machine, and YAG laser welding machine. Moreover there are big welding machine such as spot welding machine and perfectly automated welding system such as Fiber laser welding robot in our factory.



Coating process put film on our products to prevent them from rust and stain. After washing products, they will be sprayed with powder coating or solvent coating and normally it's burned in oven. We have coating booth and it realizes our integrated production system.



In Assembly process, we use bolt and rivet for unite and caulking agent with sponge for sealing. Even in only assembly process, there are many processes such as put nameplate on products, affix a sel on it, and and marking. Assembly is one of our features and it realizes our integrated production system



We inspect size and condition of each product after it's completed. If there is any defectives in our products, this process prevent it from shipping and tell it to factory to let them research what causes this defecvtive and make counterplan.



In this process we wash, wrap, and ship each products to customers.After inspection, we clean every part of products and wrap it in packing material, then ship it based on customer and delivery date. Furthermore we recieve products from our partner here.



We develop IT/ICT systems for Kobayahshi manufacture and sell camera system "SopaK-C" to cutomers.
Quality control system "SopaK" is indispensable for Kobayashi's feature such as production in making use of IT and we create both of software and hardware to support it.

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