Environmental Policy


Fundamental Policy

SHEEMETZ knows that it's the most important mission to save the Earth forever, and all of Kobayashi staffs make efforts to decrease load of the Earth.


SHEEMETZ decrease bad influence to the Earth which is happened by all of our action such as manufacturing, sales, and service.
For that, we follow below principle and promote environmental managemant activity to harmonize our business with environment of the Earth.

  1. We always recognize the influence happend by any kind of our production and service, and striving for preventing pollution and continuous improvement of environmental management system.
  2. We strictly obey evvironmental legal and any other requirement related to our action, production, and service.
  3. We cope with below items among any kind of action, production, and services related to environment in Kobayashi as theme certificated by environment management system.
    1. Reduction of using electricity
    2. Reduction of using packing material
    3. Reduction of using papers
    4. Reduction of any kind of wastes from our business
    5. Promotion of cleaning around our factory
  4. We let each employees understand this environmental declare and make it public even out of us for that each of us can positively practice environmental load cut action.
  5. We positively participate in environmental improvement activity in accordance with environmental action policy or ordinance privided by Hakusan-city and Ishikawa-prefacture

To achieve above principle, we set our goal and regularly reconsider it to promote environmental management system.


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